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A Close Look at the Most Common Car AC Problems

March 29, 2023
Hand checking airflow by hovering over car AC vent

A malfunctioning car AC system can turn what should be enjoyable rides into utterly uncomfortable ones. If you need an auto AC repair, talking to 3-D Automotive, serving the Gilbert, AZ area, is the smart option. Whether you’re looking for a place to take your vehicle for AC system maintenance or another service, we have…

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Signs It’s Time to Get Your Car Checked

March 15, 2023
Mechanic checking under the hood of an old car Gilbert, AZ

As a car owner, keeping your vehicle in top condition is crucial to ensuring your on-road safety and avoiding costly repairs. However, even with regular auto maintenance, your car may experience other issues that require emergency repairs. It’s essential to monitor your vehicle’s condition and be vigilant for any signs that may indicate a problem.…

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Signs It’s Time to Have Your Car AC Recharged

February 21, 2023
Car AC vent

Without an ample amount of refrigerant, your car’s AC system won’t be able to cool you down during long drives under the hot Arizona sun. Refrigerant eventually dissipates over time, which will cause your AC to work harder and produce less cold air. As a result, you may notice that the AC works slower than…

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Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Car Brakes

February 14, 2023
man stepping on car brake Chandler, AZ

Misusing your car brakes can have dire consequences. That’s why it’s crucial to drop bad habits–no matter how small–that can damage your brakes. You need to know how to use them properly lest you cause damage that will cause frequent auto repair services. For general auto repair in Chandler, AZ, motorists of all ages turn…

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The Common Causes of Car Air Conditioning Failure

January 30, 2023
Car AC blower

Driving around in a car with a faulty AC system can be quite a … experience. That’s why you need to have your car’s AC checked and maintained regularly. The car’s AC has several components, such as an expansion valve, compressor condenser, and other components. If one turns faulty, you can expect other components to…

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Essential Tips to Help You Find a Good Auto Repair Shop

January 19, 2023
mechanic checking car with lifter machine at an auto shop

Finding a good service shop can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. Naturally, you want to make sure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy service provider who will provide quality work at an affordable price. But with so many options that are available, how do you whittle down your options and choose the…

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