A Close Look at the Most Common Car AC Problems

Hand checking airflow by hovering over car AC vent

A malfunctioning car AC system can turn what should be enjoyable rides into utterly uncomfortable ones. If you need an auto AC repair, talking to 3-D Automotive, serving the Gilbert, AZ area, is the smart option. Whether you’re looking for a place to take your vehicle for AC system maintenance or another service, we have auto technicians who have a wealth of knowledge about all types of car AC problems.

Below is a close look at the most common car air conditioning problems.

Refrigerant Leaks

Any air conditioning system relies on refrigerant, and it will leak if the condenser coil is damaged. If this fluid leaks, not only will you have a mess, but the AC won’t cool anything. The condenser can become blocked if moisture gets inside the coil, and you’ll likely notice moisture in the vents, too. Don’t delay getting auto AC maintenance repairs if this happens.

Broken Blades

If the blades that push out the cooled air are broken, air won’t move through the system, leading to no cool air coming from the vents. Wiring problems can lead to a whole host of problems. A power probe can tell you if you have wiring problems if you know where to use it. You might need a repair, or you might find out that it’s actually more economical and logical to get an auto AC replacement.

Damaged Condenser Coil

A damaged condenser coil can cause a refrigerant leak, but there are a number of reasons why a condenser coil might break, including deterioration along the seals. There can also be general corrosion on the interior of the pipes if some kind of contaminant gets inside. Once the condenser coil is fixed, your vehicle will also need an auto AC recharge.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Sometimes, every component of the cooling system will be in fine condition but it still won’t work because of faulty wiring. Fortunately, you won’t necessarily need to have a sudden auto AC installation because of this. A simple visual inspection will suffice and technicians can easily replace damaged or frayed wires.

When you need auto AC services you can depend on, 3-D Automotive is the company you can trust. With our extensive experience, we’re sure to provide you with the most bang for your buck. Contact our team today to schedule a service appointment!

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