Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Car Brakes

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Misusing your car brakes can have dire consequences. That’s why it’s crucial to drop bad habits–no matter how small–that can damage your brakes. You need to know how to use them properly lest you cause damage that will cause frequent auto repair services.

For general auto repair in Chandler, AZ, motorists of all ages turn to 3-D Automotive. Here, we have compiled a few habits you need to avoid for your brakes to last much longer.

Late Braking

Braking suddenly may happen from time to time. However, frequent late braking causes the brakes to wear out much quicker. The aggressive braking may also produce excessive heat that causes the brakes to fade off earlier than expected. Always keep an eye on the distance between you and the car ahead. Calculate the distance and brake progressively. This will reduce the visits to the auto repair shop.

Excessive Acceleration

Braking works with the physics laws of opposite and equal forces. Any over-zealous acceleration on the highway means you will need to stomp the brakes if another car shows up in front of you. Our experts usually encourage light acceleration to help you easily slow down when needed. You will also not require frequent auto brake repair services due to wear and tear.

Not Coasting

At our auto repair facility, we encourage drivers to practice coasting when they want to reduce the car’s speed. This process involves lifting your foot off the accelerator slowly to allow the speed to decrease. This action can be helpful, especially in heavy traffic or when approaching a red light. You may end up not using the brakes at all.

Resting Your Foot on the Brake

Some drivers usually rest their foot on the brakes while driving, leading to constantly exerting pressure even when not braking. This habit wears out your brakes quickly and may cost you extra in replacements during auto maintenance. We recommend resting your foot on the floor to give your brakes some rest.

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