Signs It’s Time to Have Your Car AC Recharged

Car AC vent

Without an ample amount of refrigerant, your car’s AC system won’t be able to cool you down during long drives under the hot Arizona sun. Refrigerant eventually dissipates over time, which will cause your AC to work harder and produce less cold air. As a result, you may notice that the AC works slower than it used to and can even start making funny noises.

As the go-to company for auto AC repair in Chandler, AZ, we’ve serviced and recharged countless car AC systems. Below are signs that it’s time for your car AC to be recharged.

Leaking AC Refrigerant

A car AC system that leaks refrigerant can damage your compressor. The leakage alters the ability of the AC system to cool air. This causes the compressor to strain to create cold air, which results in the car’s AC blowing warm air into the car. The refrigerant will eventually leak out, and your AC will break down, which is why it’s important to check refrigerant levels during auto AC maintenance routines.

AC Clutch is Not Engaging

The AC clutch is a component found in the transmission of your AC compressor that helps direct the refrigerant. When your auto AC is working properly, the car’s AC compressor will turn on and off along with the clutch to generate cool air and heat. Low refrigerant levels will prevent the clutch from engaging the system, so make sure to call for auto AC services ASAP.

The AC is Blowing Warm Air

A car’s AC is designed to manipulate the refrigerant to create cold air. The change of state of the refrigerant causes it to absorb heat and cool the air. While absorbing heat, the refrigerant decomposes into a gas that provides cool, dry air. Make sure to recharge your AC regularly to ensure it operates at peak efficiency and won’t develop issues that may necessitate an auto AC replacement.

An auto AC recharge will help your car’s AC work better, resulting in a cool, comfortable drive. This improves the AC system and keeps it working under optimal conditions. It also helps keep your car AC running longer and increases its lifespan.

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