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Stay safe when you're on the road by making 3-D Automotive your first and only choice for brake repair in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding communities. Count on our local technicians to accurately diagnose and assess your brakes. We service and repair all types of commonly used brake systems.

What Your Brakes Do and How They Operate

John Stawartz is credited with inventing one of the first successful brake systems in 1910. Today, brakes have come a long way, although the basic concept is still the same. The purpose of your brakes is to stop your vehicle. How this is done depends on the type of brakes you have for your car. Disc brake consists of hard-wearing material that uses friction to apply force to the disc brake rotor to make the vehicle stop


The Importance of Professional Auto Brake Repair

Brakes clearly play an important role in helping you stay safe while in your vehicle. This is why it's important to have any auto brake repair work done professionally. By having local experts handle your brake service issues, you'll know for sure the problem has been diagnosed correctly -and even more importantly - properly addressed and resolved.

Common Brake System Problems

The one thing you don't want with brakes is to be driving and suddenly not be able to stop. Avoid this precarious and dangerous situation by recognizing common brake-related problems. This way you'll know when to visit our shop or schedule an appointment. Common brake issues include:

  • Fluid leaks or compromised fluid

  • General wear and tear from age and driving conditions

  • Brake drum or rotor issue

  • Worn brake pads

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Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair or Replacement

Visit our shop or schedule an appointment if you're having trouble with routine stops or hearing unusual sounds when your brakes are being used. Other signs to look for suggesting it's time to consider a new auto brake installation or repair work include:

  • High-pitched squealing

  • Increased distances when braking

  • Slipping when you're trying to brake

  • Failing to stop at all

  • An unusual smell when your brakes are used

Brake Repair FAQs

Why Choose 3-D Automotive?

3-D Automotive has been a reliable local source of brake and routine car and vehicle service for nearly 40 years now. Our customers also consistently receive A+ auto brake services that include:

  • Attentive service

  • Honest pre-work opinions

  • Upfront pricing

  • Accurate, clear answers to your questions

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3-D Automotive is the team to trust when it's time to discuss auto brake replacement or have brake repairs made quickly and affordably. We're also at your service for routine maintenance needs. Visit us today to take advantage of our full range of brake services in Gilbert, AZ, and nearby areas. We also provide the following top-notch services: