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3-D Automotive is your trusted and affordable local source for cooling system repair in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding communities. We repair all types of vehicle cooling systems at our service and repair shop. Whether you have a known or possible cooling system issue, give us a call to set up an appointment or stop by.

The Role of Your Cooling System

As fuel is burned constantly by your vehicle's engine, it's important to take care of any issues requiring proper cooling system maintenance and repair. A significant amount of heat is generated by the fuel combustion process. Some of this heat does get sent out via your exhaust system. However, a typical car cooling system needs to be within 200 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. A cooling system is kind of like an air conditioner for your car in that it helps maintain the optimal temperature so it can operate safely and effectively. Key parts of this all-important system include:

  • A radiator cap

  • A thermostat

  • A coolant reservoir

  • A coolant hose

Each component that makes up a cooling system plays an important role in keeping your vehicle functional. If your cooling system isn't working properly, you'll experience an overheating engine. Over time, this affects how your vehicle performs, which could mean slow-downs, breakdowns, and an engine that eventually needs repaired or even replaced if the damage from overheating is extensive enough. That is why you will need cooling system services from our trusted shop.

Common Cooling System Problems

Any issues with your cooling system should be reason enough to give us a call or stop by our shop. Common problems with a cooling system for your vehicle you might experience include:

  • Loss of liquid coolant

  • Overheating and/or overcooling

  • Temperature gauge issues

  • Coolant that's frozen

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Signs Your Car Needs Cooling System Repair or Replacement

  • Steam coming from your engine

  • Low coolant levels

  • Changes in exhaust color

  • Noticing a bright green fluid on the ground when you move your vehicle

Cooling System FAQs

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