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As is the case with your home, there are times when what's needed is a vehicle electrical repair in Gilbert, AZ, and nearby areas. If this is why you're here, the team from 3-D Automotive is ready to help. Our technicians are highly skilled with many years of experience. We address a wide range of vehicle electrical problems, from smaller ones you're just noticing to issues clearly demanding prompt, professional attention.

The Importance of Auto Electrical Repairs

More drivers are opting for electric vehicles these days, which means there's more need than ever for reliable electrical system repair. Traditional vehicles have equally essential electrical systems that often require professional attention as well. Even minor electrical-related vehicle issues can present potential risks if not addressed sooner.

Common Electrical Issues We Handle

A bad alternator is one of the more common electrical issues that can affect a vehicle enough to cause noticeable vehicle performance problems. Other common electrical problems that should be a reason to call our auto repair shop include:

  • A dead or dying car battery

  • Spark plug problems

  • Damaged or worn battery cables

  • Blown fuses

Signs Your Vehicle Has Electrical Issues

It's sometimes fairly obvious to tell there's likely something electrical going on with your car or truck. Other times, however, you may not immediately know it's time to contact us about auto electrical service. Either way, be sure to watch out for:

  • The engine won't crank

  • Premature issues with your vehicle's battery – electrical issues sometimes contribute to battery corrosion

  • Your vehicle’s lights and other electrical components are slowing down or not working as well as they should

  • Burning odors

  • Unexpected electrical surges

  • Your check engine light comes on and it won't turn off

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We've been providing top-quality auto electrical services and an assortment of other equally useful and beneficial solutions for vehicle owners since 1977. Our 40-plus years of experience means you can trust our team of highly skilled technicians to quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve the problem. We do so with reasonable pricing and a focus on making your experience with us a pleasant and productive one from start to finish. We also offer:

Auto Power Window Being Repaired

Auto Power Window Repair

Electrical problems are often at the heart of auto power window repair issues. If your power windows aren't powering at all or enough to be useful, give us a call to find out why.


Auto Water Leak Repair

Water leaks can certainly affect your car's electrical system. Nip any suspected or known issues with a water leak affecting your vehicle in the bud by contacting us. Dealing with auto leak issues early also reduces the risk of creating potentially dangerous electrical problems.

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Contact 3-D Automotive about any electrical service assistance you may need for your vehicle. Even if a problem is only suspected, we're ready to help. Expect an honest onion and top-quality work from our courteous, local technicians in Gilbert AZ. Call today to schedule your appointment or visit us during our convenient shop hours. We also provide: